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How Protecting Customer Privacy Can Boost Your Competitive Edge

Say you’re searching online for information on the flu, and soon find yourself bombarded with ads from drug companies on your social media pages. Or you’re walking through a department store, and just as you pass the shoes, you get a text message about a sale on boots. Or how about getting an email on a political issue that closely relates to a Facebook conversation you had earlier in the we

You and Your Smartphone: Breaking the Addiction

There you are, hard at work and on a roll with your marketing project, and suddenly, you hear this beep, or whistle, or plunk, or some other seemingly innocuous sound from your smartphone, and it’s crying for your attention. Do you check to see what it wants? Do you ignore it? Do you shut it off and throw it into a drawer? Or do you give it to a friend and ask her to hide it from you in a fara

Top 5 Promotional Giveaways for 2019

One of the highlights of the year for us promotional giveaways distributers is the annual Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Roadshow. The Roadshow gives distributers and conference/tradeshow organizers the opportunity to connect with suppliers and hold actual samples in their hands. We look for high quality products for reasonable prices whether it’s a pen (does it write smoothly?) or a

Proofreading? Copy Editing? On Your Marks!

Historically, copy editing and proofreading have described different kinds of work. But in today’s digital world, people sometimes use these terms interchangeably. First Copy Editing... Copy editing remains what it has always been: the preparation of copy—websites, poetry, or anything in between—for publication by correcting, trimming, or adjusting it for readability and coherence. A cop

Choosing a Technology Copywriter for Your Marketing Needs

A Technology Copywriter is a Little Different Advertising agencies are always on the lookout for great copywriters. Typically focused on consumers, great copywriters produce all kinds of promotional materials; print and web ads, commercials, and collateral. And because those copywriters are consumers themselves, the trick isn’t understanding the product; it’s making the product attractive

Six Common Phrases We Get Wrong

So you’re at an office party telling this great story to a group of your colleagues, when suddenly, you notice that the editorial-type in the group is looking at you intently and seems to have developed a strange eye twitch. Did you say something wrong? Did you double your negative or dangle your participle? Or worse, could you have used a common phrase, or idiom, incorrectly? Chances are, tha

RoboMarketer: Using Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Success

As a kid, my brother had a knee-high toy robot with a remote control/walkie-talkie device that he could use to make the robot move through the house and “talk” to people. It would carry a little tray, on which my brother would place two pieces of candy. He’d then navigate the robot to the living room where my sister and I were sitting and make it ask, in my brother’s nerdiest robot voice

Why Hiring a Ghostwriter is a Smart Move

As content once again becomes king of the online world, companies are scrambling to come up with insightful content that establishes their executives as global thought leaders. This can be a seemingly impossible task for many companies. One solution is to hire freelance ghostwriters as a resource for developing strategic and informative content. In most organizations, there is a big push fo

The Question of Who vs. Which vs. That

Even experienced writers sometimes pause for a moment to decide whether to use who, or which, or that. Let’s take the easy one first. Who is always used to refer to a person, so you would never say, “the CFO that spoke at the conference shared many useful insights.” You also wouldn’t say, “The company who invented smartphones.” When talking about partners or vendors, you would mos

Clear the Cobwebs Out of Your Copy

Copy cobwebs are the wealth of problems that get in the way of accurate, brief, and clear written communications. And while I can’t teach you how to write well in 300 words, I can give you a few tips that will take you from murky, cobweb-laden writing to writing that's clear and readable. Literary merit is another thing, but using these three tips will take you a long way in the right directi