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Getting Chatty: How Chatbots Can Help You Keep Customers Happy

I recently shopped for software, found some tech help, scheduled a ride and discovered a great recipe for couscous, all with the help of chatbots. For the most part, the chatbots helped me find what I needed much more quickly and easily than I would have navigating a website, making a call or even using a company’s app. “A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation w

3 Keys to Writing Great White Papers

There’s a lot of talk about white papers, and with white papers, there’s a lot to talk about What we know today, based on research, is that white papers are by far the most requested piece of collateral either through standard channels or through social media sites. We also know that white papers, more than any other form of marketing communications in the technology world, communicate

Marketing to Gen Z: Keep It Brief, Tech-Savvy and Real

They’re hard-working, focused and fiscally responsible. They’re also independent, tech-savvy and entrepreneurial. Their social media habits are similar to those of Millennials, the generation before them, but they frequent different sites and care more about their privacy. They tend to be socially conscious, and they want the brands they choose to be the same. Meet Generation Z, who, a

Nail Your Title, Wow Your Audience

Whether you’re writing to inspire, to educate, or to entertain, the title you select for your paper, blog, or article needs to be considered Job #1. Think of it as a door you want your target audience to open so that your intended message can be received. No matter how interesting your document, readers will move away in droves if your title is flat rather than fresh and engaging. So spend the

Case Study or White Paper? Do Both If You Can!

Marketing folks are starting to put budgets together for the upcoming quarter and they may be asking themselves which sales tools to focus on moving forward. Case studies and white papers can both contribute significant value within a sales cycle so let’s take a look at the benefits of each. White papers: The overall value: White papers essentially provide your company with a means

Editing and Layout: 4 Ground Rules for Better Documents

A piece of writing isn’t finished until it’s been edited and laid out, in that order. We know that now, but it wasn’t always so. In the Beginning: Layout and Corrections The earliest documents were copied by monks, word by word, thousands of times over centuries. Their own handwriting doubled as both layout and print. Fixes came after the ink dried. Each monk corrector looked at a finish

The Power of EQ: How Emotional Intelligence Can Strengthen Your Marketing

When it comes to your typical marketing meeting, it’s not unusual for people to look to the smartest person in the room to set the direction and tone of their campaigns. But while high intelligence, or IQ, can certainly be an asset in marketing, high emotional intelligence, or EQ, can be even more valuable. What Is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence refers to the way we handle

Bring Your Video Message to Life

While video marketing can be fast and economical, a lot more work goes into it than simply picking up a video camera and hitting “record.” In fact, the biggest factor behind whether a video is a hit or not is having a plan. Here are several key steps that will help you create and produce an effective video: Determine your goal We all want to sell—the question is how we do it. What e

5 Key Elements of Collateral Rebranding

Rebranding means just that: putting a new logo, maybe a new tag line, and a new look and feel on everything: packaging and products, letterhead, ad campaigns, websites, partner portals, company signage, and all communications from press releases to commercials. Nowhere is the rebrand more critical than in marketing communications, where dozens or perhaps hundreds of deliverables will have to follo

User-Generated Content: How to Get Customers to Sing Your Praises

On a recent chilly winter morning, I walked into a Starbucks and ordered a Caramel Brulée Latte. As I’m usually just a regular-coffee-with-milk kind of gal, I wouldn’t have thought to order this snazzy drink if a friend hadn’t raved about it. Intrigued, I thought I’d give it a try. One sip, and I was hooked. Now I’ll be the one spreading the good word on this delightful caramel concoc