Essential Apps for the Virtual Office

By Neets- ETMG Writer

At ETMG, one challenge of running a virtual office is insuring that we maintain connectivity and productivity with our colleagues and clients without actually being in the same location. These 10 apps help us achieve that goal and put a little fun into the process:

AIM: It may not be the sexiest app, but for over 10 years AIM has been a mainstay in our communications arsenal. Status messages inform other colleagues who’s in a meeting, who’s out to lunch and their return time. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Free

FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter: Social media has grown up and become a part of a larger paradigm of networking and marketing. We spend a lot of time perfecting our content, so we like the fact updating our accounts is fast and easy with these handy apps! iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Free

Skype: What’s not to love about this app that allows you to call, video chat and instant message your colleagues and clients for free (as long as they’re on Skype as well)!  The audio and video qualities are first rate, so joining in on conference calls or touching base with clients is easy. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Free

DropBox: This handy little app allows you to take files from your laptop or desktop anywhere without fear of losing a flash drive or the hassle of emailing the files to yourself. Drop your files on top of the box icon, and retrieve them on your mobile device. First 2 GBs are free. iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Free

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center: This is our go-to solution for virtual meetings. With WebEx you can join real-time meetings, view shared content and collaborate with attendees all from the comfort of your mobile device! iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Free

Documents To Go Premium: Opening and editing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on-the-fly just got a whole lot easier with this handy app. It also syncs up with DropBox. iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. $16.99

LogMeIn Ignition: We love this app when we need remote access into our PC’s and Macs. It provides connection via a Wi-Fi or 3G network and allows instant access to files and applications residing on our desktops. You can even fix computer problems remotely from your mobile or tablet device! iPhone, iPad and Android. $29.99

FileMaker Go: At ETMG, we use FileMaker as a project management and job-tracking tool. This robust app allows us to update project statuses, record timesheet info and basically manage all our projects as if we were sitting at our desks, instead of on the go. iPhone, iPad. $39.99

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