Favorite Giveaways from ASI Roadshow 2015


The ASI Roadshow is a gathering of the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) suppliers and offers a behind the scenes peek at the latest giveaway trends and the sales merchandising industry.

This year’s show brought in over three dozen exhibitors with thousands of different branded promotional products to cover any and all imaginable event marketing and promotion needs.

We sent our team of promotional giveaway experts to the 2015 event and asked them to find a half dozen items with got-to-have-it appeal.

After going through a bag full of giveaway samples, here are our favorites:

iWriter Stylus and Screen Cleaner

iWriter® Stylus and Screen Cleaner from Liqui-Mark®

We put this handy little stylus and screen cleaner combo to the test by challenging it to clean all of our smudged mobile devices. The two inch long screen cleaner did an admirable job of restoring a clear screen and the stylus was the perfect size to push those tiny keys our fat fingers often overwhelm.

Best features: Nine base colors to chose from, full-color wrap around decal application option allows for printing on both sides for the same price as one side, quick turnaround.

Scribbler Dry Erase Pad

Scribbler Dry-Erase Pad

Scribbler™ Dry Erase Pad by HandStands®

We love this little non-adhesive, non-magnetic dry erase pad that clings to most smooth surfaces including your dashboard and refrigerator. The pad comes with a marker (with eraser) that attaches on the handy clip and makes jotting down notes or to-do lists quick and easy.

Best features: Sticky Pad Technology® grips to most surfaces for quick removal with no residue, full-color graphics

Power Banks for Mobile Devices

Power Banks for Mobile Devices

We saw several vendors with these nifty little gadgets. We like the ones with that can charge a multitude of devices—mini USB, micro-USB and Apple® 30 Pin Devices. This is one of those promotional products that will never see the back of the junk drawer—it’s useful, portable and attractive, what more can you ask for?

Best features: Slick design and large imprint area, many base color options, high usefulness factor

Mini Speaker and Stand

Mini Speaker with Stand

Mini Speaker and Stand

We’ve seen many mini-speakers, but anytime we see a promotional item that we can’t resist picking up and checking out, we put it on our wish list. This Mini Speaker that doubles as a phone stand charmed us with its big sound and all around usefulness (and cutefulness).

Best features: high visual impact, four bright base colors to choose from, great sound quality in a small package

CitrusZinger and Infuser Water Bottle

CitrusZinger Water Bottle

CitrusZinger Water Bottle


Infuser Water Bottle

Infuser Water Bottle

VisionUSA® makes our list again this year with two great products. We couldn’t decide which one we liked better. The CitrusZinger offers a citrus press on the bottom that allows you to infuse your water with the fruit or veggie of your choice. The Infuser Water Bottle offers a clear, clean, attractive design with a large-capacity infuser basket (for those tasty fruits or veggies) and makes your logo or message stand out.

Best features: large print area, BPA-free, eco-friendly

Need Help with Your Next Giveaway Project?

There are tens of thousands of promotional products that are only available to ASI  distributors, such as ETMG. We can help you find what you need for your next giveaways project. Check out our downloadable project checklist tool below,give us a call, or email for more information about giveaways.


ETMG Giveaways Project Checklist



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