Tradeshows and T-shirts – 50 Shades of Gray

Our project managers and production artists field a lot of questions regarding printing and giveaways. Here are some recent questions we’ve received about ordering t-shirts for tradeshows and events and some tips for success: Q: I want my tradeshow booth staff to wear matching T-shirts but there’s too many people and not enough time to […]

President Obama has Spoken-Only Purchase Cost-Effective Promotional Items

President Obama has Spoken – Only Purchase Cost-Effective Promotional Items By Julee Klein – ETMG Project Manager On November 9th of this year, President Obama published an Executive Order titled “Promoting Efficient Spending.” While the order lists many areas where governmental agencies must cut spending, of particular interest is the “Extraneous Promotional Items” section that […]

Have a Giveaways Distributor on Your Side-Giveaways Part 3

By Julee Klein – ETMG Project Manager & Giveaway Expert A well thought out promotional giveaway is one of the most effective ways to keep potential clients thinking of your company long after your event ends. An experienced giveaways distributor can be that “Personal Shopper” you need  ̶ helping you weed through the myriad of […]

The Top 5 Qualities of a Good Giveaway Item-Giveaways Part 2

By Lee Matsumoto—ETMG Project Manager & Giveaway Expert Whether it’s a tradeshow giveaway, a brand awareness item, or a thank you gift, your giveaway item is a way to communicate your brand. So it should be perceived as having value. Here are five things to consider when evaluating giveaway items: 1. Usefulness: The whole point […]

5 Great eReader Cases for Your Next Giveaway or Promotion

The two heavy-weights in the eReader market are Kindle at just shy of 50% market share and iPad at 32% according to a recent market report published by ChangeWave. With a growing base of die-hard Kindle fans, and the introduction of the iPad 2, both of these devices are sure to be around for a […]

USB Flash Memory Prices Increase as Devastation in Japan Ripples Through Supply Chain

Among many far-reaching effects, the devastation in Japan has severely impacted the flash memory market. Japan is home to factories manufacturing key components used in USB flash drives; many have suffered damage to their facilities or are currently without power. The current situation has created uncertainty surrounding future supply availability and pricing of USB drives. […]