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Book Review – Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling

Reviewed by Special K, ETMG Writer and Blogger Infographics visually communicate data in memorable, concise, and appealing ways, so it is with good reason that marketers are increasingly turning to this medium. Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling is an excellent beginner’s resource for understanding both the value of infographics and guidelines for creating them. […]

10 Best Practices for Successful Project Management

By Kathy Wilson ─ ETMG Writer/Editor   No matter how much planning and preparation you do for a marketing project as a project manager, inevitably, something will go wrong. The key to success is to recognize the challenges early on and anticipate what kinds of pitfalls may occur. In other words, “You can hope for […]

10 Qualities to Look for in a Project Manager

By Kathy Wilson ― ETMG Writer/Editor   A good project manager is indispensable to your project’s success. But how do you find one? And how do you assess capabilities before you start? Whether you’re pursuing projects within your own organization or working with a company like Envision, here are the core skills to look for: […]

A Few Quick Tips for Working with PDFs

Compiled by The ETMG Production Team   At ETMG, we field a lot of questions about working in, and with, a number of programs Acrobat and working with PDFs. Here are our frequently asked questions on Acrobat and our PDF tips: Q:  How can I make my PDF easier for my readers to navigate? A: […]

Ground Rules for Document Review & Collaboration

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer Collaboration is critical in the marketing business, but it isn’t easy. This is especially true when multiple people are editing the same document, but going about it in completely different ways. For use in creating marketing copy, there are several new document collaboration technologies out there, including Google Docs. […]

Using Public Domain Images for Your Blog

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   If you need art for your blog or marketing project, there are billions of images online. Of course, most of them actually belong to somebody – but not all of them. In fact, there are a growing number of free public domain images available that can be great […]

Print Possibilities: Not So Square Anymore

By Michael Grodin – ETMG President   Marketing is all about the message, and as technology advances, the different ways to get your message out there continue to grow. But such innovations are not limited to electronic media. In fact, some of the most amazing achievements in marketing today are happening not online, but with […]

Cloud Computing and Today’s Marketer

By David Wright – ETMG Blogger Businesses large and small are moving workflows off the desktop and into the cloud, giving workers the opportunity to create, share, and manage information more easily and securely. Yet marketers are also benefitting from the cloud technology revolution, either through project delivery or through personal use – and here’s […]

Communicating Project Scope With Your Vendor

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw is always good for a quote, but this one really hits home for marketers. That’s because so many project gaffs and misfires can be traced to a lack of communication over […]

Fortifying Marketing Projects Against Cost Overruns

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer Most of us have experienced it at some point. The marketing project might have been a small one – say, a two-sided brochure for a new product. But before you knew it, two weeks went by and all you had to show was somebody’s three-page spreadsheet of possible stock […]