Ground Rules for Document Review & Collaboration

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer Collaboration is critical in the marketing business, but it isn’t easy. This is especially true when multiple people are editing the same document, but going about it in completely different ways. For use in creating marketing copy, there are several new document collaboration technologies out there, including Google Docs. […]

Word Up! Quick Tips on Microsoft Word

Compiled by the ETMG Production Team   Over the years, we’ve had to field a number of questions about page layout and word processing in Word. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions and our tips for success: “How can I eliminate orphans (the single word left alone at the bottom of […]

What Is the Difference Between Copy Editing and Proofreading?

By Special K – ETMG Writer/Editor Copy editing and proofreading have historically referenced different kinds of work, in today’s digital world, people often use the terms interchangeably.  The definition of copy editing has remained clear, but the same cannot be said about “proofreading.” Some folks use “proofread” to indicate they’d like to have a fresh […]

The Basics of Editing: What is Proofreading?

By Connie Howard-ETMG Writer Because we create a lot of copy around here and work with our clients’ copy too, we do a lot of proofreading. Proofreading was originally defined as the process of reading printer’s proofs. Today, proofreading encompasses reading any copy, for digital or print, to find and mark errors. Proofreading finds and […]