5 Ways to Engage With Your Twitter Followers

By ETMG Social Media Team One thing that’s becoming clear to social media marketers is the fundamental differences between Facebook and Twitter as social marketing platforms. While both are essential, they are as different as night and day in how brands harness their power to engage with followers. Facebook is about people you already know; […]

FTC Takes Aim at Social Media Marketing

By Julee Klein – Senior Manager Production & Account Services The world of social media, mobile marketing, and brand journalism is a swiftly tilting planet. Channels and platforms are evolving so quickly that many marketers have accidentally/intentionally blurred the lines between testimonial and endorsement or product review and paid product promotion. Is it time for social media […]

Twitter Hashtags: Marketing Dos and Don’ts

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   Still confused by Twitter? Does it seem as though the Twitterverse has its own rules and language that only high school students and Ashton Kutcher can understand? And what’s the deal with all those #hashtags, anyway? Turns out Twitter hashtags are pretty doggone useful – yet they are […]