Word Up! Quick Tips on Microsoft Word

Compiled by the ETMG Production Team   Over the years, we’ve had to field a number of questions about page layout and word processing in Word. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions and our tips for success: “How can I eliminate orphans (the single word left alone at the bottom of […]

Cut Out The Complex Sentences!

By Kathy Wilson – ETMG Writer/Editor Wake-up call to marketing writers—don’t try to pack too much into each and every sentence. Don’t wear your readers out with run-on sentences and em dash asides. Your message is what’s important, so do everything you can to get your key points across in a way that busy, multitasking […]

Attracting Web Traffic with Fresh Content

By David Wright – Contributing Writer Driving traffic to your website requires a steady stream of new content. Unfortunately, many businesses have trouble creating new web content and, as a result, struggle to attract potential customers. While you can’t get away from writing good copy altogether, there are a few easier alternatives that will help […]

Bullets Locked and Loaded

By Kathy Wilson – ETMG Writer/Editor        Bullets can be used very effectively to focus the reader’s attention on your points. And there is definitely an art to good bullet writing. Whether bulleted items are sentence fragments, full sentences, or full paragraphs when being used in a document, they need to be as short as possible […]

10 Tips for Writing Blogs That People Will Read

By Ron de la Cruz– ETMG Project Manager   Are you new to managing a corporate blog? Does the prospect of writing a blog post seem a bit overwhelming? These 10 tips will guide you in creating a blog post that people will read: 1. Know your “Why.” Have a clear objective in mind when […]

How To Create An Effective Event Survey

By Michael Grodin – ETMG Marketeer Surveys are an important component when planning your tradeshow, seminar or conference event. They allow you to gauge participant’s opinions about a number of different elements; from messaging and professionalism to accommodations and content accuracy. Event participant surveys can provide you with extremely useful data falling into three broad […]

When to Hire a Copy Editor

By Special K – ETMG Writer/Editor When your marketing collateral needs to be edited to improve formatting, style, and accuracy, it’s time to hire a copy editor. The work that copy editors do is frequently summarized with a reference to the 5 C’s: make the copy correct, clear, consistent, concise, and comprehensible. Toward this end, […]