The Future of Multimedia and Visual Storytelling [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic originally posted by BeyondPR on August 27, 2013

Q: How important is visual storytelling to your brand and your marketing efforts?

A: Very!

PR News and PR Newswire recently surveyed PR and marketing professionals regarding the use of visuals in various communications and campaigns.  The key take-away? The use of multimedia and visuals in brand journalism and marketing communications is poised to increase. The overwhelming majority (76%) of people surveyed plan to use more visual storytelling elements in their communications in 2014. Other key take-aways are illustrated in the following infographic:

This is just a quick snapshot of the survey results. More great insight on the future of multimedia and visual storytelling can be found in the original article posted on the BeyondPR blog. We highly recommend you review those insights there if you’re considering upping your multimedia game and creating more video or other visual content for your organization. And if you need help with execution, well, “We do that.”


79% of PR Pros Believe Video is Underutilized [Infographic]

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