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14 Tips for Eco-Friendly Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows, events, and conferences can be very hard on the environment ­with all the paper, printing processes, giveaways, shipping materials, fuel usage and booth construction materials. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly options that will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Partner with vendors who are committed to conducting a green certified business. Green Certified busi

The Top 5 Qualities of a Good Giveaway Item

Whether it’s a tradeshow giveaway, a brand awareness item, or a thank you gift, your giveaway item is a way to communicate your brand. So it should be perceived as having value. Here are five things to consider when evaluating giveaway items: Usefulness: The whole point of a giveaway is just as the name implies: to give it away. But if your attempts to hand out your giveaway item are gre

Have a Giveaways Distributor on Your Side

  A well thought out promotional giveaway is one of the most effective ways to keep potential clients thinking of your company long after your event ends. An experienced giveaways distributor can be that “Personal Shopper” you need when your project demands are long and your time is short. They’ll help you narrow down options, offer targeted solutions, and help you move efficiently t

10 Tips for Planning Your Next Promotional Giveaway Campaign

  Giving a well thought-out promotional giveaway to your potential clients is one of the best ways to continue reminding folks about your company. Here are a few tips to help you plan your next campaign: Start with your budget and the quantity of items you plan to give away. Quantity is critical as it sets the initial scope of your search. Looking for 10 of something is much different th

Get The Most Out of Infographics – 3 Ways to Leverage Data Visualizations

  You’ve spent time and energy to create awesome infographics. Now, how can you harness all that effort to maximize your brand exposure? Let’s explore three ways you can repurpose those data visualizations on other channels to connect with an even larger audience. To stretch your marketing dollars, we’ll focus on owned media as opposed to paid or earned. Owned media is media con

Giving Back to Clients and The Environment Through Carbon Offsets

  At Envision Technology Marketing Group (ETMG), we believe in giving thanks – and we have a unique way of doing it all year long in the name of our marketing clients and employees. As a 100% virtual marketing services company and a certified California Green Business, ETMG participates in an environmental program where we donate funds to Carbonfund.org. Through this program, ETMG

Twenty Years Later…How Green Can One Virtual Marketing Firm Be?

  ETMG is celebrating 20 years in business this year. As a virtual marketing firm and a certified green business, we take being green pretty seriously—from employee home office set-ups, to paperless business solutions and give-back campaigns—ETMG promotes the benefits of this green business model. We’ve tracked and quantified our green-ness and the results are illustrated below.

Twenty Years Later…

  In 1998, Silicon Valley was in the middle of the dot-com explosion. It was a time for bold experiments, like WebVan and Pets.com, and PayPal and Amazon too. Many of those companies aren’t around anymore, but that was the year that we were starting a bold experiment of our own: Envision Technology Marketing Group (ETMG). With the growth of companies all around us and the rise of t

The Making of Thought Leadership

  Have you been asked to create thought leadership content? Do you have executives willing to be the spokespeople for this program, and the resources to support and augment them? Then let’s take a look at what thought leadership means, and how your organization can develop content to support your objectives. Thought Leadership is Provocative Effective thought leadership is an ongoing p

Let Infographics Tell Your Story

If you had the choice of (a) reading that dense, fact-filled white paper; or (b) trying to digest all of the data in that 30-page research study; or (c) skimming a visually appealing infographic with all the key points jumping right off the page at you, which would you choose? As marketing professionals, a large part of your job is to tell your company’s story. The idea is to engage with