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5 Tips for Powerful Presentations

So you’ve just been asked to whip together a PowerPoint presentation to keep your colleagues up to date on your latest product line. Do you: a. Cram each slide with as much information as you can fit on it because you don’t want to leave anything out? b. Make sure the words on the slides are exactly the words you plan to say? c. Keep your slide text brief, and use it only to highligh

Marketing Sensitivity in the Age of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 virus continues to bring unprecedented changes to our world, your business has probably experienced some big changes as well, from telecommuting employees to shifts in how you operate. While attempting to navigate these changes, and the best way to respond to them, one thing is sure: for most companies, it’s no time for business as usual. One of the biggest challenges busines

Five Tips to Make You a Videoconferencing Star

If you’re like many workers these days, you’re telecommuting from home, and communicating via video conference, due to Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders. Some people, especially those who were videoconferencing frequently long before recent events, make this look easy. They always seem to look great on camera, manage to find the perfect, interruption-free spots in their homes, and exude com

Six More Common Phrases We Get Wrong

A while back, we published a blog that left many readers rethinking a bunch of expressions they could have sworn they had down pat. “Six Phrases We Get Wrong” challenged many not-quite-accurate uses of common sayings and definitively settled some arguments over how to say them right. Now, as many people have a bit more time on their hands these days due to stay-at-home orders and would welco

Tips for Surviving Work & Children in the Virtual Office

People often wonder how I work at home so effectively with three children. It isn’t always easy, but once you discipline yourself and your family it’s the best of both worlds. It’s more challenging for the youngest, who is 3-years old. She doesn’t always understand like my 11- and 14-year old do. Here are some tips that have helped me survive the balancing act. Set boundaries and stic

Working From Home: Tools and Tips

We’re here to help. For 22 years we’ve been a fully virtual company, and have mastered how to work efficiently and effectively from our home offices. As more and more companies are encouraging, and even requiring employees to work from home, employees are often caught off-guard. In a world where meetings tend to be face-to-face and collaboration is done elbow-to-elbow, working alone on a

Why Messaging Platforms Will Make You a More Effective Marketer

  In a 2019 study by Lucid Press titled The State of Brand Consistency, surveyed organizations estimated that consistently presenting their brand led to a 33% increase in revenues. That’s a seriously big number. And a key component of any brand identity is a messaging platform. So, what is a messaging platform? It is the foundation on which you build your brand language. It define

Top 6 Promotional Giveaways for 2020

  It’s that time of year again! It’s time to share our top picks for promotional giveaways! Along with great value, we look for high-quality and re-usability. Check out our top picks for 2020! LED Beanie At a recent staff meeting, this nifty LED Beanie was the hands-down favorite. What’s not to love? Cozy acrylic knit with 4 extra bright LED lights in the center to guide you d

Using Digital Images—Which Format is Best?

  In the Graphic Arts Industry we use a variety of digital image formats. Perhaps you’re already familiar with some of the more popular ones: PNG, JPG (also spelled JPEG), EPS and more recently SVG. But do you understand their inherent characteristics and what makes them different? Knowing this will give you an advantage when optimizing images for online use. For starters, all image f

Collateral vs. white paper: What’s in a name?

It’s a pretty safe assumption that your marketing plan deliverables list includes collateral and, frequently, white papers. But exactly what is a white paper? Lately, we’ve noticed a trend toward conflating the definition of a “white paper” with all kinds of other collateral. Set the proper expectations The truth is, the term white paper has been hijacked, and we think it’s time t