10 Tips for Writing Blogs That People Will Read

By Ron de la Cruz– ETMG Project Manager


Use these 10 tips to great great blog articles your readers will want to read.Are you new to managing a corporate blog? Does the prospect of writing a blog post seem a bit overwhelming?

These 10 tips will guide you in creating a blog post that people will read:

1. Know your “Why.”

Have a clear objective in mind when writing each blog article and capture your audience’s attention by choosing a topic that is interesting, thought provoking, and relevant.

2. Start with a catchy title.

Create a title for each article that teases, hooks, and compels your reader to want to read more.

3. Let “you” shine through.

Be sure to project your personality and opinions to engage with your readers as you would during a face-to-face conversation.

4. Use bulleted lists.

Bulleted or numbered lists make your blog content more accessible, easier to scan, and help make your key points pop.

5. Use images and video.

“Dress up” your content with images and/or video to create visual interest beyond just your written words. Choose images not just for aesthetics, but to enhance your message.

6. Encourage comments and dialogue from your audience.

Your blog format should be optimized to stimulate two-way interaction, be sure to maximize this feature for ongoing discussion.

7. Include links.

Link your blog content to other external yet relevant content to extend the breadth and depth of your post and your reader’s knowledge base.

8. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)

Use SEO techniques and choose appropriate keywords that will have your blog content hit high on search engine results.

9. Use social media.

Social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are perfect tools to use to alert readers to each new blog post. These social media sites can complement one another to expand interest and your reader base.

10. Remember less really is more.

When writing your blog article, target about 300 words to keep your content concise, digestible, and tight.

These are only a few ideas to make your blog content memorable and have your readers coming back time and again. What other ideas have worked for you?


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