5 Things You Must Do with Visual Content

by Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer and PR Professional

You’ve just spent a decent amount of money getting excellent, original and high-quality photos. There was no doubt a specific reason for getting them; maybe you were putting together a brochure, for example, or a print ad. But it would be a shame if the photos were used only once and then shoved to some cold, dark recess of your hard drive.

Here are five, mostly low-cost things you must do with all of your visual content, not just photos:

1. Socialize Them

socialize your visual content on social media sitesStudies have shown that Facebook posts get much higher visibility and many more “likes” when there is a photo to go along with it. Whether you are planning a special event or a product giveaway, or simply reminding customers why it’s a good time of the day/week/year to be using their products, don’t be shy. Post some shots!

Once images are socialized, it’s extremely easy for your colleagues and customers to share them, too. Just make sure your photos illustrate and enhance what you’re trying to say, and aren’t so distracting that the message is lost. As long as there’s some consistency between your different online properties, photos can also be used as profile images or as backgrounds on social media pages.

2. Instagram, Pinterest—Duh!

Pin it!

Not only were these social media platforms made for photos, both give you access to an active, young and growing audience that is more likely to be using mobile devices that they hardly ever turn off. Talk about access!

Both platforms are also transforming how companies and customers interact with each other. Consider Starbucks, which frequently solicits opinions from its 2 million Instagram followers about its latest products and flavors. And Lowe’s, which has built a Pinterest audience of nearly 3.5 million by concentrating on very specific home improvement topics. The company’s motto: “Where passion meets the home. We’re Lowe’s and we never stop pinning!”

3. Spice Up Your Content

While social media certainly falls under the same basket, content marketing can also include ebooks, infographics, case studies, blog posts and much more. If you were using these tactics but not including photos, now’s your chance to repent. Assuming you obtained professional, high quality photos, they will definitely increase the chances that your content gets readers and reactions.

4. Replenish Your Website

You're never really done with visual content. Keep replenishing and keep it fresh!

So you’ve just finished the most awesome product photo shoot ever. Why not create a new product landing page on your website and give your customers a close up look at what you’ve got to offer?

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 67 percent of consumers said the quality of a image of a product on a company’s website was a “very important” factor behind purchasing a purchase. In fact, the people who wanted images outnumbered the ones who wanted specific product information or product reviews!

5. Hit the Presses

Press releases that include photos are much more likely to be covered by the media. Why? Editors have “customers” (readers) who want images, too!  And according to a PRNewswire analysis of 10,000 press releases, adding a photo to a press release increases its average online views by an average of 14 percent.

Publishing great photos, especially online through social media, your website, your blog and via press releases, also increases the chances they will show up in search results. And why is that important? According to a report by UK based SEO firm BrightLocal, 60% of online consumers were more likely to contact a business when an image showed up in their local search results.

Our recommendation—start spreading the views.


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