A Few Quick Tips for Working with PDFs

Compiled by The ETMG Production Team


At ETMG, we field a lot of questions about working in, and with, a number of programs Acrobat and working with PDFs. Here are our frequently asked questions on Acrobat and our PDF tips:

Q:  How can I make my PDF easier for my readers to navigate?

A: You may want to add an interactive Table of Contents that takes the reader to the page when the topic is cliSAP_Guide_cover(1).jpgcked, and/or add bookmarks to the PDF. The bookmark pane is a clickable Table of Contents that is always within view. The added value is that the reader can see it from any page and can move from topic to topic without returning to the TOC.

Q:  There are times when the hyperlinks in my PDF are not active, especially after making a PDF from Word on a Mac. How can I make them active?

A: Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. From the Tools menu, select Advanced Editing and choose the Link tool. Then select the text that is to be a hyperlink. In the Create Link window, select the Link Action “open a web page” and click “Next.” Enter the URL for the link and click “OK”. Your link is now active.

To view additional of samples of PDFs with these features, check out our Portfolio.

For additional help, and some great tips and information, visit Adobe Acrobat Help.

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