Author: ETMG

Tips for Surviving Work & Children in the Virtual Office

People often wonder how I work at home so effectively with three children. It isn’t always easy, but once you discipline yourself and your family it’s the best of both worlds. It’s more challenging for the youngest, who is 3-years old. She doesn’t always understand like my 11- and 14-year old do. Here are some […]

Top 6 Promotional Giveaways for 2020

  It’s that time of year again! It’s time to share our top picks for promotional giveaways! Along with great value, we look for high-quality and re-usability. Check out our top picks for 2020! LED Beanie At a recent staff meeting, this nifty LED Beanie was the hands-down favorite. What’s not to love? Cozy acrylic […]

Collateral vs. white paper: What’s in a name?

It’s a pretty safe assumption that your marketing plan deliverables list includes collateral and, frequently, white papers. But exactly what is a white paper? Lately, we’ve noticed a trend toward conflating the definition of a “white paper” with all kinds of other collateral. Set the proper expectations The truth is, the term white paper has […]

The Art and Science of Typography

Typography. It’s an indispensable part of good design. It’s as important as the colors, images and graphics that you use. And done skillfully, the right typefaces can have a significant impact on how your design is perceived. Both an art and a science, every typeface is unique in its letter shape and forms—that’s the art. […]

Do Your Customers Understand What You’re Talking About?

Technology marketing and sales materials are typically full of complex terms, buzzwords, acronyms, and other insider vocabulary. Internal subject matter experts are often the driving force behind this, wanting to showcase their expertise and demonstrate the company’s technical competency. Unfortunately, most of your customers are not likely conversant with this jargon, resulting in communications that […]