Book Review – Making Rain with Events

Reviewed by Lori Maupas, ETMG Writer and Blogger

Making Rain with Events by Scott IngramEvent marketing is no longer a standalone activity based solely on logistics, but a complex, multifaceted marketing endeavor. Engagement with attendees must begin long before the event and continue long after, if you want to make the most of your investment.

This requires developing a marketing program that entices and educates potential attendees, and nurtures participation throughout the event’s life cycle. With tight budgets and busy schedules, professionals are choosier about what events they attend; simply announcing your event and crossing your fingers people will show up is no longer sufficient.

Content and Connections

With so many moving parts to manage, event planners can overlook some of the most critical steps in maximizing event ROI. In Making Rain with Events, Scott Ingram, a Strategic Account Executive at Certain Inc., asserts that motivation for event attendance comes from two things: content and connections.

Scott Ingram compiles innovative ideas, concepts and best practices—straight from the experts—about how to leverage content and create connections, in order to make the most of events. (Certain Inc. is a leading provider of event management technology for the global meetings and events industry.)

Viewing events as a business development strategy, Ingram recommends an integrated approach that envelops various aspects of marketing, such as content marketing, webinars, analytics, mobile tactics, and social media.

Ingram’s book brings together summaries of strategies for each area of his integrated approach. He summarizes content from some of the best minds in the marketing industry, including Allison Saget, author of The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics & Planning, and Brian Kardon, former CMO at Eloqua. Readers will walk away with a well-rounded collection of insights and practical tips to apply while planning their next event.

The Maturity Process of Events

Of particular interest is Chapter 12, which explores the maturity process of events based on the Revenue Marketing Journey, a model created by Debbie Qaqish, principal and Chief Strategy Officer for the Pedowitz Group and author of Rise of the Revenue Marketer.

Qaqish takes a look at how various stages of event planning maturity—traditional, lead generation, demand generation, and revenue marketing—lead to different outcomes, and explains how even with a limited budget, an integrated approach to events that focuses on customers will provide the most ROI.

An Excellent Resource for Event Marketers

The summaries in the book are succinct and easy to read, and Ingram also supplies us with an entire chapter of bulleted take-aways for quick reference. The structure of the book follows a logical workflow, and if you’re planning events, you might find yourself going back to the book daily for ideas and instruction.

Making Rain with Events is an excellent resource for event planners, marketing professionals and sales teams, and can help them align to create unforgettable events that keep generating business long after the event date.


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