Virtual Office

Giving Back to Clients and The Environment Through Carbon Offsets

  At Envision Technology Marketing Group (ETMG), we believe in giving thanks – and we have a unique way of doing it all year long in the name of our marketing clients and employees. As a 100% virtual marketing services company and a certified California Green Business, ETMG participates in an environmental program where we […]

Twenty Years Later…

  In 1998, Silicon Valley was in the middle of the dot-com explosion. It was a time for bold experiments, like WebVan and, and PayPal and Amazon too. Many of those companies aren’t around anymore, but that was the year that we were starting a bold experiment of our own: Envision Technology Marketing Group […]

Ground Rules for Document Review & Collaboration

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer Collaboration is critical in the marketing business, but it isn’t easy. This is especially true when multiple people are editing the same document, but going about it in completely different ways. For use in creating marketing copy, there are several new document collaboration technologies out there, including Google Docs. […]

Cloud Computing and Today’s Marketer

By David Wright – ETMG Blogger Businesses large and small are moving workflows off the desktop and into the cloud, giving workers the opportunity to create, share, and manage information more easily and securely. Yet marketers are also benefitting from the cloud technology revolution, either through project delivery or through personal use – and here’s […]

Marketing and the Growing BYOD Movement

By Michael Grodin – ETMG President Here’s a question: When are you not connected to the Internet? Between home, work, your smartphone and even in your car, chances are you are online at almost any given moment in the day. Along with the mobility that cloud computing affords, it’s little wonder that the BYOD trend […]

Free Project Management Tools for the Virtual Office

By David Wright – ETMG Blogger There are a number of powerful web-based tools that allow project collaboration across time and distance in a common virtual environment — and most of them won’t cost you a dime. These tools make it possible for distributed work groups to manage projects as though they were working in […]

ETMG Brings Virtual Workers Together

By Special K – ETMG Writer/Editor I love doing contract work for a virtual company.  Not only are the hours flexible, but it’s also great for the planet . The only downside to the whole virtual office thing is not getting to interact with my colleagues in person very often. Since I’m a relatively new […]