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Maintaining Your Weight While Working in Your Home Office – Part 2

By Janice Avellar – ETMG  Sr. Project Manager In my previous blog, I discussed food tips, but exercise is another important part of maintaining your weight in the home office. Here are some exercise tips: You have time to EXERCISE! Remember, you no longer commute to work, which gives you 30 minutes or more a […]

Maintaining Your Weight While Working in Your Home Office-Part 1

By Janice Avellar – ETMG  Sr. Project Manager When I first started working for a virtual company, I thought I would immediately lose weight.  Working from home meant no more stopping for a Grande Latte on the way to work; no donuts or bagels in the break room; and no going to lunch with office […]

How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

By ronnyd – ETMG Project Manager While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, here are some leading practices to help your virtual meetings run more smoothly and effectively. Be early. Get the most out of your meetings by being on time, which actually means starting the log-on process before the meeting’s start time. It […]

Paperless Payroll; How It Works, and Why We Should Use It

Paperless payroll is a winning solution for employers, employees and the environment! Paperless payroll means eliminating paperwork related to the processing of payroll at every step. It uses today’s technology to eliminate the distribution of paper checks and pay stubs to employees, and physical reports to employers. Most paperless payroll solutions are accessed via the […]

1998: Where Were You?

Thirteen years ago this week, we began our journey as a full-service marketing agency. Being a “trend setter” at heart, we were “virtual” before most knew what a virtual office was and well before the word “tele-commuter” became part of a job description. The virtual model offered some unique benefits—we were also “green” before being […]

Surviving Work & Children in the Virtual Office, Part 2

By Jen Barrier-ETMG Project Manager After writing my last blog, Tips for Surviving Work and Children in the Virtual Office, I wondered how my clients might react learning that for many years I’ve managed their projects from my home office, rather than a conventional office. One of the things about working from home is you […]

Tips for Surviving Work & Children in the Virtual Office

By Jen Barrier-ETMG Project Manager People often wonder how I work at home so effectively with three children. It isn’t always easy, but once you discipline yourself and your family it’s the best of both worlds. It’s more challenging for the youngest who is 3, she doesn’t always understand like my 11- and 14-year old do. Here are some tips […]

How To Use FTP For Your Virtual Office

At ETMG we function in a totally virtual environment, so it’s necessary for us to have a centralized place to store all of our documents and resources since our employees, contractors, vendors, and clients are all over the world. FTP or File Transfer Protocol is the oldest and most secure method for transferring files over […]

Working Virtually: We can all work from home!

  Today, Linda has some interesting things to say about working virtually, here at Envision, and how a very different work style has become part of our environmental profile. She also talks about our quarterly client carbon offset program. I think you’ll find her post to be pretty interesting. Tenacious C My daughter Vanessa, pictured […]