ETMG Brings Virtual Workers Together

By Special K – ETMG Writer/Editor

I love doing contract work for a virtual company.  Not only are the hours flexible, but it’s also great for the planet . The only downside to the whole virtual office thing is not getting to interact with my colleagues in person very often. Since I’m a relatively new contractor with Envision, I had communicated with many people in the company via email, telephone, and instant messages, but I hadn’t actually talked with them face to face.

I recently had the pleasure of attending ETMG’s biennial Contractor Mixer. This year, it was held at Tony and Alba’s Pizza and Pasta Restaurant on Stevens Creek Boulevard in San Jose.  The mixer brought together over a couple of dozen of our contractors from project managers, to production artists, to writers. These mixers provide everyone the opportunity to eat a little pizza, put names to faces, and for me, it was a great opportunity to meet project managers that I haven’t had an opportunity to work with yet. I was also able to better get to know the people I do work with routinely.

The mixer allowed ETMG to showcase the many types of projects the company does for its clients.  Since I primarily work on writing and editing projects, it was educational for me to hear more about the kinds of work that happens in design, production, and project management.

I also learned that ETMG has a referral incentive program for contractors who generate successful leads with either new clients or current clients with new business needs. As a contract worker establishing my own business, this kind of program fits my needs perfectly.

Last but not least, the mixer provided an opportunity for me to see some of ETMG’s fabulous giveaways. I can’t decide which I liked the most: the sunscreen, the beautiful silkscreened coasters, the “green” pens or the reusable shopping bags.

I’m already looking forward to the next Mixer!

ETMG Pizza Mixer 10/05/11

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