Have a Giveaways Distributor on Your Side

A well thought out promotional giveaway is one of the most effective ways to keep potential clients thinking of your company long after your event ends. An experienced giveaways distributor can be that “Personal Shopper” you need when your project demands are long and your time is short. They’ll help you narrow down options, offer targeted solutions, and help you move efficiently through the selection process and production phase to the best possible end result —a successful and memorable giveaway with impact!

An experienced giveaways distributor will help you with:

  1. Sorting through the over 300,000 products and present targeted options that are in-budget, saving you hours of research.

  3. Providing actual samples to test-drive – How else would you know that not all baseball hats are created equal?

  5. Making sense of production times and set-up charges and how they affect cost.

  7. Maximizing your budget by locating in-region suppliers or options near your delivery location saving shipping costs.

  9. Minimizing waste. That item that comes individually packaged may also be available in bulk; saving you money, shipping weight, and waste.

  11. Leveraging their supplier relationships to get you the best price and delivery times.

  13. Providing greener alternatives/options.

  15. Navigating and explaining the myriad of imprint choices available and recommending the best option for your particular project.

That’s just a sampling of what a giveaways distributor will manage so you don’t have to. What you as a marketing professional may face as a challenge once or twice this year, your giveaways distributor will have tackled a multitude of times. That insight and experience will prove critical to the success of your project and pay off with dividends!

By: ETMG Social Media Team