How to Keep your Projects Moving Forward

As a project manager your goal is to keep the project moving forward to completion, on time and on budget. Here are some tips that will help you achieve your goal, which in turn makes for a happy client.

1. Know from the beginning your client’s needs for the entire project.  Make sure you have the resources to cover those needs before you commit to a timeline.

2. Know your client’s deadlines. A timeline will help you keep everything on track. You can read more about creating a timeline: Schedule Management: Timing is Everything.

3. Communication is key.  Check in with your client frequently.  Make sure they have what they need from you to keep up the momentum of the project.  Talking about issues and solutions early in the project mitigates problems later.

4. Keep your client updated with regularly scheduled status reports. A status report will show where you are on the project timeline and how much budget you have left. The status report gives the client the opportunity to discuss any issues that may have come up allowing them to be solved before they impact the next milestone.

5. Obtain client approvals at each milestone. Client approvals are a necessary component for moving forward. You should not move from one milestone to the next without approval. You should document and file away your client approvals for future discussions with the client if needed.

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