Improving Those Wayward Webinars

By Kathy Wilson – ETMG Writer and Editor

Don't bore your audience with your webinar contentIs there anything worse than carving out an hour in your busy day to dial into a webinar, or preseentation only to realize in the first few minutes that it’s not going to be worth your while?

Whether we give these kinds of presentations or attend them, we all have a pretty good idea about what makes one webinar a winner, and another a dud.

Perhaps the speaker is off to a terrible start or doing a poor job of presenting the topic. Or the clock is ticking but key points aren’t jumping out. Maybe he or she is going too fast or losing the audience to too many personal asides. Or maybe the problem is just a general lack or organization.

It’s during these types of fumbled webinar presentations that we question whether to stay the course or just log out.

Here’s how to avoid or course-correct a wayward webinar:

As an attendee, consider these criteria:

• Is the presenter organized?

• Are the graphics/slides adding value?

• Are key points jumping out?

• Is the material meeting your expectations?

• Are you learning things you didn’t already know?

As a presenter, ask yourself some basic questions as well:

• Is your webinar structured for your target audience?

• Is the material presented in a well thought out manner? Does the storyline flow?

• Are technical concepts communicated in a way that is easily understood?

• Are specific solutions clearly tied to business imperatives?

• Are you getting feedback from audience members and incorporating that into future webinars?

5 Key Takeaways for the Webinar Presenter:

as a presenter practice does make perfect

• There is no substitute for preparation. Think about what your audience needs and wants to know, then how best to present that.

• Use images, illustrations, and screenshots to clarify and reinforce key points. These should help fill in details that you skip over in your presentation.

• Avoid personal asides that detract from, rather than enhance, the effectiveness of your webinar.

• Ask your audience for feedback after every presentation (and take what they say to heart!)

• Listen to yourself and learn from your mistakes. Do a trial run and use the record feature provided by your webinar tool to review and improve your delivery.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you won’t disappoint your audience or yourself the next time you host a webinar. Your webinars might even inspire others to do a better job themselves!

If you would like to read more about great webinars, check out these two excellent sources:


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How to Give a Webinar and Not Look Like an Idiot, Denise Persson, CIO

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