Our Favorite Giveaways from the ASI Advantages Roadshow 2012

By Neets – ETMG Blogger A couple times a year, we have an opportunity to attend The ASI Advantages Roadshow, a traveling mini-tradeshow for folks in the giveaways industry. Each time we go, we come back with a few ideas to share. The show travels to over 60 cities across the United States and Canada. With only 50-60 vendors, it offers a less crowded, more personal environment to talk to giveaway suppliers, check out items in-person, and learn about new products. Here’s what we found worthy of sharing at a recent ASI Advantages Roadshow in San Jose, CA:

MousePaper Mouse Pad from Digispec

MousePaper Mouse Pad from Digispec

MousePaper® Mouse Pads from Digispec These mouse pads are a great combination of mouse pad and note pad. They offer a lot of real estate for your corporate message and are made with recycled paper. A patented ‘mousing’ texture ensures smooth tracking. Best features: green product, usability, large imprint area

Sample Woven Label

Branded Woven Label

Custom Multi-color Woven Solutions There are a number of suppliers that offer custom, high-resolution woven lanyards, labels, appliques and patches with the look of embroidery but the clarity and durability of loom weaving. We liked the intricate level of detail and the ability to use text as small as 8 pt. for your marketing message. Best Features: custom-quality, durability, fine detail and ability to brand at small scale

Branded RFID Blocker Sleeve

Sample Branded RFID Blocker Credit Card Sleeve

RFID Blocker Sleeves from American Greenwood Inc Many credit cards, passports and driver’s licenses use an embedded RFID (radio frequency identification) chip to store personal and account data. Unfortunately identity thieves can download that data with an RFID skimmer as they walk past you or stand nearby. These full-color RFID blocker sleeves offer protection from identity theft and communicate your message at the same time. Made from a durable patented process, these sleeves resist tearing and can be used over and over again. Best features: full-color printing, durability, FIPS 201 compliant, great for government, financial, and security customers

Sample 3D Lenticular Postcard

Sample Lenticular Postcard

3-D Lenticular Printing from Enduraline® We’ve all seen promotional giveaways using lenticular printing that allows you to see two different images depending on your viewing angle. Enduraline offers a three-dimensional aspect that gives the illusion of motion and depth, and practically forces people to pick up your postcard, business card, calendar or notebook to get the full effect. Best features: “wow” factor, full color printing, fully customizable

Soupreme Soup Mug from VisionUSA

Soupreme Soup Mug from VisionUSA

Soupreme™ Soup Mug from VisionUSA® It’s hard to resist this sturdy 15 oz. plastic soup bowl/mug with attached spoon and gasket-seal lid. It’s BPA-free, microwave- /dishwasher-safe, and the perfect size to enjoy soup, cereal, or even a giant cup of coffee! The generous 3” x 1.125” imprint area means your message or logo will be front and center. Best features: visibility, usability, great for everyday office use As we’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts, there are literally tens of thousands of options out there for your next giveaway project, most of which are only available through an ASI giveaways distributor. If you find you need assistance with your next giveaways project, we’ve posted a downloadable project checklist tool and we’re always happy to help. Read more: http://www.advantagesroadshow.com/ http://www.digispec.com http://www.enduraline.com http://www.americangreenwood.com http://www.vision1usa.com/aboutus.asp http://www.wedomarketing.com/blog/have-a-giveaways-distributor-on-your-side-giveaways-part-3

2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Giveaways from the ASI Advantages Roadshow 2012

  1. The Soupreme soup mug is very cool. This is a great eco-friendly giveaway for a cop orate kitchen. Each employee can mark their mug and keep it at the office for those ate dine while working.

  2. I also was impressed with the Soupreme mug. It’s not just for soup- it can be used for things like oatmeal, or even just beverages. Bonus: it’s eco-friendly.

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