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Create A Winning Palette for Your Brand

A winning palette elicits a desired mood or communicates an idea — and it starts by being familiar with a few fundamental laws of color and its properties. Have you ever struggled to communicate clearly about color with your designer? Perhaps a color doesn’t seem to resonate or appear to fit the company persona yet you’re unable to articulate what it is about that particular blue. B

Choose The Right Typography for Your Brand

Typography, quite simply, is the art of arranging type. It is the balance and interplay of letter forms on a page. Used effectively, it is a craft that can help you establish your company’s brand and distinguish its character. One of the considerations marketers have had to grapple with is how will their choices play out in the digital world. Since the beginning of the web, designers have

Branding: It’s Time to Get Purposeful

“The human story as it’s unfolding now is a bit of a cliff-hanger. Automation, digitalization and ongoing economic and political volatility are inspiring a great searching of the corporate soul. A new idea – and ideal – of successful business in the 21st century is emerging: purposeful business.” Valerie Keller, EY Beacon Institute Global Leader How companies run their business

Brand Guidelines Help Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Your brand is your identity in the marketplace. And make no mistake about it – it comprises way more than your company name and logo. Successful brands communicate who you are, what you do, and the value you create for your customers. It is also the foundation on which your customer and partner relationships are built and sustained over time. How do you first create, and then protect, a winni

Do Your Customers Understand What You’re Talking About?

Technology marketing and sales materials are typically full of complex terms, buzzwords, acronyms, and other insider vocabulary. Internal subject matter experts are often the driving force behind this, wanting to showcase their expertise and demonstrate the company’s technical competency. Unfortunately, most of your customers are not likely conversant with this jargon, resulting in communica

Layout and Production Templates Ensure Brand Consistency

A template is many things: a model, an example or a guide. But in the world of graphic design, layout, and print or electronic production, a template is the document that specifies the elements of a particular layout. It’s a recipe for unifying the look and feel of collateral to support your brand. You can have templates for as many kinds of collateral as you want: brochures, data sheets, w

Five Keys to Maintaining Voice

By Connie Howard, ETMG VP & Founding Writer   In Everybody Writes, Ann Handley tells us, “your brand voice is simply an expression of your company’s personality and point of view.” And in the case of voice, that expression is through words: words spoken and words written, anything from signage to executive communications to marketing copy to Tweets. While defining a voice

Proofreading? Copy Editing? On Your Marks!

Historically, copy editing and proofreading have described different kinds of work. But in today’s digital world, people sometimes use these terms interchangeably. First Copy Editing... Copy editing remains what it has always been: the preparation of copy—websites, poetry, or anything in between—for publication by correcting, trimming, or adjusting it for readability and coherence. A

Blog Readability Checklist for the Content Marketer

Blog writing is an important cornerstone of content marketing. So ensuring that your blog content is highly readable is mission critical. ETMG has been providing writing and editing services for almost 20 years now. Along the way, we've picked up some practical tips to develop blog content that is clear and engaging. Here's what we've learned about blog readability: Use Subheads for Best Blog R

Growing a Social Media Following: Organic vs Paid

  Social media today has a huge impact on the influence you have. Whether you’re a global brand or a working professional, a social media following with frequent interaction will help you achieve your marketing or career goals. According to Bizable, in 2016 over 84% of B2B businesses considered social media as a major part of their overall marketing strategy because of its effecti