Book Review – Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher

By Special K, ETMG Writer and Blogger   In her recent book, Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher — How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media, Rebecca Lieb succeeds at both introducing content marketing and providing extensive discussion of hands-on tactics and strategies. Lieb, a digital advertising and media analyst for […]

Social Media PR Gaffes to Avoid

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer.   To many of us, social media represents a smorgasbord of PR opportunities. Yet every so often, some genius manages to sneeze on the potatoes. A couple of weeks ago, someone created a phony Facebook profile – with a stock image of a teenage girl – to defend the […]

Using Public Domain Images for Your Blog

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   If you need art for your blog or marketing project, there are billions of images online. Of course, most of them actually belong to somebody – but not all of them. In fact, there are a growing number of free public domain images available that can be great […]

Attracting Web Traffic with Fresh Content

By David Wright – Contributing Writer Driving traffic to your website requires a steady stream of new content. Unfortunately, many businesses have trouble creating new web content and, as a result, struggle to attract potential customers. While you can’t get away from writing good copy altogether, there are a few easier alternatives that will help […]

10 Tips for Writing Blogs That People Will Read

By Ron de la Cruz– ETMG Project Manager   Are you new to managing a corporate blog? Does the prospect of writing a blog post seem a bit overwhelming? These 10 tips will guide you in creating a blog post that people will read: 1. Know your “Why.” Have a clear objective in mind when […]

How to Write a Good Blog Entry

So you’ve figured out your blog theme. Now you just need to start writing entries. Perhaps you’d like a few guidelines to help you navigate bloglandia? Here’s my short list of best practices that I’ve observed. 1. Let your personality shine through. The blog genre appeals to many readers precisely because of its familiar tone. […]