So You Want to Start a Marketing Blog?

  With the advent of the Internet, the webpage, and the smartphone came the blog. Whether a company’s business is B2C or B2B, marketers have increasingly come to rely on a marketing blog to reach their target audience. Everyone is a potential blogger, but can everyone do it well? Marketing blogs come in many shapes […]

Social Media PR Gaffes to Avoid

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer.   To many of us, social media represents a smorgasbord of PR opportunities. Yet every so often, some genius manages to sneeze on the potatoes. A couple of weeks ago, someone created a phony Facebook profile – with a stock image of a teenage girl – to defend the […]

Using Public Domain Images for Your Blog

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   If you need art for your blog or marketing project, there are billions of images online. Of course, most of them actually belong to somebody – but not all of them. In fact, there are a growing number of free public domain images available that can be great […]

Attracting Web Traffic with Fresh Content

By David Wright – Contributing Writer Driving traffic to your website requires a steady stream of new content. Unfortunately, many businesses have trouble creating new web content and, as a result, struggle to attract potential customers. While you can’t get away from writing good copy altogether, there are a few easier alternatives that will help […]

Good Research Makes Better Blogs

By ETMG Social Media Team   Good research can make the difference between a quickly dismissed, “junk food” blog and one that your readers bring up in conversation and forward to their colleagues. Sure, research takes time – but it also lends authority and credibility to what you write, thus increasing its value. These research tips […]

10 Tips for Writing Blogs That People Will Read

By Ron de la Cruz– ETMG Project Manager   Are you new to managing a corporate blog? Does the prospect of writing a blog post seem a bit overwhelming? These 10 tips will guide you in creating a blog post that people will read: 1. Know your “Why.” Have a clear objective in mind when […]