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Book Review – The Laws of Subtraction

Reviewed by Karen deVries, ETMG Writer and Blogger We live and work in a reality where businesses are more complicated, economies are uncertain, resources are increasingly scarce, everyone knows everything about us, and we are overwhelmed by endless options. In his recent book, The Laws of Subtraction: 6 Simple Rules for Winning in the Age […]

The Importance of Taking a Break

As a totally virtual marketing services firm, we understand the importance of taking a break. If we don’t step away, pets go unfed, children are abandoned at school, and some of us may end up in our pajamas for days on end. But breaks serve a very important function in the creative process as well. […]

Book Review: A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative, 25th Anniversary Edition

Reviewed by Special K- ETMG Writer and Blogger In Roger von Oeck’s world, creative thinking is not solely the domain of self-described artists. Instead, problem solving and discovery are inherently creative endeavors that can benefit both the marketer looking for a different slant and the business professional seeking a competitive edge. In 1983, von Oeck, […]