QR Codes

4 Great Ideas for Marketing with QR Codes

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   Quick response, or QR, codes have only recently picked up in popularity as a handy marketing tool, with often mixed results. But we are learning a few things about what works and what doesn’t. Here are four of the best proven and most promising practices for QR codes […]

5 Ways Smartphones are Changing Mobile Marketing

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   Mobile technology is accelerating the business of selling goods and services. It’s happening so quickly; even the similes and metaphors can’t keep up. Purchases actually do happen “in a flash.” And the biggest driver of this mobile marketing ecommerce revolution is our collective love of the smartphone. Smartphones […]

5 Best Practices for QR Code Usage

By N. Storms – ETMG Social Media Manager   QR Codes offer savvy marketers the opportunity to leverage their message and draw consumers to respond immediately. The beauty of QR Codes is that the consumer has direct access to your content: no flyers or brochures to take home and no URLs to memorize. This emerging […]

What Are QR Codes?

By N.Storms – Social Media Manager   Have you wondered what these odd-looking black and white matrixes are that you find on department store flyers, magazine ads, business cards, movie posters and even your favorite fast food products? Those matrixes are QR (Quick Response) Codes, a relatively new type of barcode, which encodes much more […]