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Book Review-Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer

Reviewed by Special K, ETMG Writer and Blogger Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals looking for a primer or a refresher course on marketing basics will appreciate Christopher Penn’s book, Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer. Penn not only teaches Internet Marketing at the University of San Francisco and co-hosts a weekly podcast, Marketing over […]

How to Write for Email vs. Social Media vs. the Web

While we don’t normally condone cheating, we are big fans of writing engaging marketing copy. In fact, that’s what we do all day long. But, we realize that writing effective copy for various online marketing channels, like Facebook, email, or a website can be quite a challenge. So in this case, we recommend using this […]

How to Deal with a Shrinking Marketing Budget

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer Your marketing strategy is obviously impacted by how much you can spend. But that’s no reason to throw your hands up in the air when your budget is cut. Here are a few ideas about where to start when forced to manage with less. Don’t just think—rethink. Everything changes. […]

Finding and Maximizing Testimonials

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer Heartfelt praise from a happy customer is perhaps the best form of advertising you’ll ever get. Put in the form of a testimonial, it can make a stronger case for using your product or service than anything you could write yourself – for free. Yet few companies do a […]

Book Review – Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling

Reviewed by Special K, ETMG Writer and Blogger Infographics visually communicate data in memorable, concise, and appealing ways, so it is with good reason that marketers are increasingly turning to this medium. Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling is an excellent beginner’s resource for understanding both the value of infographics and guidelines for creating them. […]

Book Review – Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

Reviewed by Special K, ETMG Writer and Blogger In the last few years, social media has changed the nature of influence. Companies like Ford and Pepsi have shifted significant portions of their marketing budgets from traditional advertising toward social media, with strong results. Erik Qualman coins the term, “socialnomics” to describe this change in influence, […]

Top Five Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   Reputation management is big business. New companies are popping up left and right promising to sparkle up personal and corporate online profiles. But the most effective strategies for managing online perception are – surprise! – absolutely free. Here’s the top five: Google Alerts The first step in managing […]

Social Media PR Gaffes to Avoid

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer.   To many of us, social media represents a smorgasbord of PR opportunities. Yet every so often, some genius manages to sneeze on the potatoes. A couple of weeks ago, someone created a phony Facebook profile – with a stock image of a teenage girl – to defend the […]

Using Public Domain Images for Your Blog

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   If you need art for your blog or marketing project, there are billions of images online. Of course, most of them actually belong to somebody – but not all of them. In fact, there are a growing number of free public domain images available that can be great […]

Using Brand Journalism to Tell Your Story

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   The former journalist in me bristles at the notion of “brand journalism.” There’s only one type of journalism – objective, unbiased and unvarnished truth! No spin! Nothing but facts! But journalism is also about telling stories. And telling stories has real marketing benefits, because practically everything has a […]