6 Keys to Writing a Great Case Study

In technology marketing, case studies are extremely effective. Telling a story about customers who succeed using your product is golden. There’s nothing like it. It helps potential customers with the same challenges understand how easy it is to realize similar results by adopting your company’s solution. The keys to writing great case studies and how […]

5 Ways to Engage With Your Twitter Followers

By ETMG Social Media Team One thing that’s becoming clear to social media marketers is the fundamental differences between Facebook and Twitter as social marketing platforms. While both are essential, they are as different as night and day in how brands harness their power to engage with followers. Facebook is about people you already know; […]

Creating Infographics: 5 Things to Know

by Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer and PR Professional In spite of the proliferation of infographics, many marketers are still avoiding them. The main reason—they’re a lot harder to produce than they look! Yet few tools help companies communicate complex marketing messages as well as the elegant infographic. Stuck at the starting line? Here’s how […]

Tips for Wrangling Objects in Microsoft Word

Compiled by the ETMG Production Team   Over the years, we’ve had to field a number of questions about page layout and word processing in Microsoft Word. Here are some more commonly asked questions and our tips for success: “Whenever I enter something that looks like a URL into Word, it always converts into an […]

10 Best Practices for Successful Project Management

By Kathy Wilson ─ ETMG Writer/Editor   No matter how much planning and preparation you do for a marketing project as a project manager, inevitably, something will go wrong. The key to success is to recognize the challenges early on and anticipate what kinds of pitfalls may occur. In other words, “You can hope for […]

A Few Quick Tips for Working with PDFs

Compiled by The ETMG Production Team   At ETMG, we field a lot of questions about working in, and with, a number of programs Acrobat and working with PDFs. Here are our frequently asked questions on Acrobat and our PDF tips: Q:  How can I make my PDF easier for my readers to navigate? A: […]