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Five Tips to Make You a Videoconferencing Star

If you’re like many workers these days, you’re telecommuting from home, and communicating via video conference, due to Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders. Some people, especially those who were videoconferencing frequently long before recent events, make this look easy. They always seem to look great on camera, manage to find the perfect, interruption-free spots in their homes, […]

Tips for Surviving Work & Children in the Virtual Office

People often wonder how I work at home so effectively with three children. It isn’t always easy, but once you discipline yourself and your family it’s the best of both worlds. It’s more challenging for the youngest, who is 3-years old. She doesn’t always understand like my 11- and 14-year old do. Here are some […]

Giving Back to Clients and The Environment Through Carbon Offsets

  At Envision Technology Marketing Group (ETMG), we believe in giving thanks – and we have a unique way of doing it all year long in the name of our marketing clients and employees. As a 100% virtual marketing services company and a certified California Green Business, ETMG participates in an environmental program where we […]

Twenty Years Later…

  In 1998, Silicon Valley was in the middle of the dot-com explosion. It was a time for bold experiments, like WebVan and, and PayPal and Amazon too. Many of those companies aren’t around anymore, but that was the year that we were starting a bold experiment of our own: Envision Technology Marketing Group […]

History of Envision and What I’ve Learned

By Michael Grodin – ETMG President and CEO April 15, 1998. It was a cool spring day in San Jose. There were no smartphones. No tablets. Not even any iPods (introduced on 10/23/01.) No wireless to speak of. No Google. No high speed Internet connection. No navigation system or backup camera. When you connected to […]

Marketing and the Growing BYOD Movement

By Michael Grodin – ETMG President Here’s a question: When are you not connected to the Internet? Between home, work, your smartphone and even in your car, chances are you are online at almost any given moment in the day. Along with the mobility that cloud computing affords, it’s little wonder that the BYOD trend […]

How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

By ronnyd – ETMG Project Manager While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, here are some leading practices to help your virtual meetings run more smoothly and effectively. Be early. Get the most out of your meetings by being on time, which actually means starting the log-on process before the meeting’s start time. It […]

Paperless Payroll; How It Works, and Why We Should Use It

Paperless payroll is a winning solution for employers, employees and the environment! Paperless payroll means eliminating paperwork related to the processing of payroll at every step. It uses today’s technology to eliminate the distribution of paper checks and pay stubs to employees, and physical reports to employers. Most paperless payroll solutions are accessed via the […]