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How Green Can One Virtual Marketing Firm Be? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kermit the Frog is famous for singing, “It’s not easy being green.” Well, Mr. Frog, we beg to differ. ETMG is a totally virtual marketing firm and a certified green business, so we take being green pretty seriously. But we had to ask ourselves: what really are the benefits? What real impact are we making? […]

Marketing and the Growing BYOD Movement

By Michael Grodin – ETMG President Here’s a question: When are you not connected to the Internet? Between home, work, your smartphone and even in your car, chances are you are online at almost any given moment in the day. Along with the mobility that cloud computing affords, it’s little wonder that the BYOD trend […]

Free Project Management Tools for the Virtual Office

By David Wright – ETMG Blogger There are a number of powerful web-based tools that allow project collaboration across time and distance in a common virtual environment — and most of them won’t cost you a dime. These tools make it possible for distributed work groups to manage projects as though they were working in […]

ETMG Brings Virtual Workers Together

By Special K – ETMG Writer/Editor I love doing contract work for a virtual company.  Not only are the hours flexible, but it’s also great for the planet . The only downside to the whole virtual office thing is not getting to interact with my colleagues in person very often. Since I’m a relatively new […]

How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

By ronnyd – ETMG Project Manager While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, here are some leading practices to help your virtual meetings run more smoothly and effectively. Be early. Get the most out of your meetings by being on time, which actually means starting the log-on process before the meeting’s start time. It […]