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How to Write for Email vs. Social Media vs. the Web

While we don’t normally condone cheating, we are big fans of writing engaging marketing copy. In fact, that’s what we do all day long. But, we realize that writing effective copy for various online marketing channels, like Facebook, email, or a website can be quite a challenge. So in this case, we recommend using this […]

Twitter Hashtags: Marketing Dos and Don’ts

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer   Still confused by Twitter? Does it seem as though the Twitterverse has its own rules and language that only high school students and Ashton Kutcher can understand? And what’s the deal with all those #hashtags, anyway? Turns out Twitter hashtags are pretty doggone useful – yet they are […]

4 Reasons Why Your Website Design Needed an Overhaul Yesterday

By Warren Lutz – Contributing Writer It’s only one part of your marketing strategy, yet your company’s website design is perhaps the single most important calling card for your products and services. If it’s difficult to use, lacks focus, or is noticeably sub-par compared to your competition, it will reflect poorly on you and your […]

The Power of Pinterest

  It would be difficult not to notice the amazing growth of social media site, Pinterest and the reports claiming that Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. But what does it really mean for marketers?   What is Pinterest? Described by TechCrunch as a “social content curation service”, Pinterest […]

The Social World of Web 2.0

By Special K – ETMG Writer/Editor If you’ve been following my blog entries lately, you’ll know that I’ve been wading through the various ways of thinking about Web 2.0.  When I first started to prepare for this mission, I asked several friends what comes to mind when they think of “Web 2.0.” The range of […]