Editing and Layout: 4 Ground Rules for Better Documents

A piece of writing isn’t finished until it’s been edited and laid out, in that order. We know that now, but it wasn’t always so. In the Beginning: Layout and Corrections The earliest documents were copied by monks, word by word, thousands of times over centuries. Their own handwriting doubled as both layout and print. […]

Six Common Phrases We Get Wrong

So you’re at an office party telling this great story to a group of your colleagues, when suddenly, you notice that the editorial-type in the group is looking at you intently and seems to have developed a strange eye twitch. Did you say something wrong? Did you double your negative or dangle your participle? Or […]

Why Hiring a Ghostwriter is a Smart Move

As content once again becomes king of the online world, companies are scrambling to come up with insightful content that establishes their executives as global thought leaders. This can be a seemingly impossible task for many companies. One solution is to hire freelance ghostwriters as a resource for developing strategic and informative content. In most […]

6 Keys to Writing a Great Case Study

In technology marketing, case studies are extremely effective. Telling a story about customers who succeed using your product is golden. There’s nothing like it. It helps potential customers with the same challenges understand how easy it is to realize similar results by adopting your company’s solution. The keys to writing great case studies and how […]