The 5 Key Elements of Collateral Rebrands

By Connie Howard, ETMG VP & Founding WriterRebranding

Rebranding means just that: putting a new logo, maybe a new tag line, and a new look and feel on everything: packaging and products, letterhead, ad campaigns, websites, partner portals, company signage, and all communications from press releases to commercials. Nowhere is the rebrand more critical than in marketing communications, where dozens or perhaps hundreds of deliverables will have to follow the new guidelines.

To help you plan for a rebrand, here are 5 key areas to consider for success:

1. Number

How many deliverables need to be rebranded? Can some pieces stay in the old look and feel or is it critical to rebrand everything?

2. Templates

If new templates are coming from an agency, have they been reviewed by the branding team to ensure that they meet the new branding guidelines? Do they cover all document types? Which formats will they be available in? MS Word? InDesign? Other formats? Have they been debugged?

3. Copy

Will the rebranding impact the copy in any way? Will product names change? Will any messaging change? Will the new templates accommodate the old copy or does the copy need to be adjusted? In each of these cases, an editor needs to be part of your rebranding plan.

4. Visuals

Will the current diagrams and illustrations work with the new color palette or, will they need to be updated? If there are photographs to consider, do they match the new style, or will you need to do new photography searches for more appropriate shots?

5. Timing

When will the new versions become available? Is it possible to rebrand groups of documents over several weeks or months, or do they need to be available all at once?

Collateral rebrands take effort, but remembering and planning for all 5 of the key elements of collateral rebrands; number, templates, copy, visuals, and timing, will ensure your success.

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One thought on “The 5 Key Elements of Collateral Rebrands

  1. Damir Radovic says:

    I always wondered how a company does a successful rebranding. People already got used to the logo, the visuals etc… but a good redesign can bring more visitors, and you gotta keep up with the trends, I guess.

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