The Giveaway Maze-Giveaways Part 1


On May 19th I headed to San Diego for the Advertising Specialties Institute’s Spring Tradeshow. It was an opportunity to check out and “test drive” the newest giveaway trends and ideas out on the market. With over 100 suppliers showcasing their wares, it was a dizzying experience in a maze of promotional items.

It occurred to me as I was heading down aisle three of twenty, and began losing focus, that I am experiencing in real-time, what many of our clients experience online while searching for the perfect promotional item for their upcoming event. I am overwhelmed. I am struggling to categorize all of the details and I am distracted by slight variations and competing benefits.

I realized then, that marketing managers simply don’t have time to navigate the over 300,000 options out there without some help. They need a guide, an expert, who can make recommendations based on clearly defined goals for the function and use of the promotional item.

So my “ah-ha” moment takes me to the exhibitor map and I begin to selectively attack the aisles and booths. It’s time to get focused about what should be reviewed here or I am never going to come away with the cherry-picked items I need. I have to be my own guide —my own personal shopper!

And that’s the benefit of the giveaways distributor: they will be that personal shopper you need when your project demands are long and your time is short. They’ll help you narrow down options, offer targeted solutions, and help you move efficiently through the selection process and production phase to the best possible end result —a successful and memorable giveaway with impact!

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By: ETMG Social Media Team

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