The Interactive Data Visualization of Hamilton

By Connie Howard, ETMG VP & Founding Writer


Here at ETMG, storytelling is important. Visual storytelling is often a faster and more interesting way to help people understand products and services in the technology sector, home to some of the most complex stories around.

Putting the Spotlight on Data VisualizationWhen we think about data visualization and visual storytelling, we think infographics, PowerPoint presentations, video, animations, and photos. But those aren’t the only ways to tell a story visually.

Case in point: An Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton

We’d like to share something completely different, a visual essay on, An Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton.

This piece is a story about a story. Its subject matter, the hip-hop musical Hamilton, has taken the country by storm.

Hamilton’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is off to new projects, but the woman who created this visualization, Shirley Wu, recognized his profound genius. She wanted to dig into the words and characters—and even the music itself—using interactive graphics to illustrate relationships and themes through the musical’s language.

As viewer-readers, you can interact with this essay and the data visualization in several ways:

  • By reading the text that the author provides
  • By moving your cursors to various points to see what’s there
  • By playing with the relationship filter
  • By exploring phrases grouped into themes, including the wonderful musical samples

It’s another way to tell a story, and one that we hope you find amusing, and inspiring.


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