Tips for Printing with Bleed – and Keeping Your Sanity!

Compiled by the ETMG Production Team


Desktop printer printingOur production department fields a lot of questions on printing off the edge of the page in Word and other programs. Here are a few recent questions on this and some tips for success:


Q: I want to print something to the very edge of the page in Word, but it keeps getting cut off at the side of the document. Does Word allow you to print to the very edge of the page?

A: Yes, but you’ll need to make some adjustments. First, your printer needs to be able to print borderless. In the page setup, adjust the paper size to 8.5 x 11” borderless. Then in Word, the item that you want to bleed off the page needs to be either a graphic or a text box. Select the item, go to Format Shape, select Layout, and make the item sit in front of the text. Move the graphic or text box to where you want it, and it will print off the edge of the page.


Q: I want to print with bleeds on my desktop printer, but I cannot see that option in the page setup. Can I print to the edge?

A: Probably not. Printing with full bleed is a printer-specific function that your current office equipment may not be able to handle. If this is the case, you may want to consider taking your document to a print shop and asking them to print out your file on a larger sheet and trim to your desired page size. Or you can attempt to do this yourself ―although we’re pretty sure it will not look nearly as professional.


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2 thoughts on “Tips for Printing with Bleed – and Keeping Your Sanity!

  1. Not only does this help me with really understanding my print projects at work, but also on the homefront. I appreciate the explaination.

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