Tips for Wrangling Objects in Microsoft Word

Compiled by the ETMG Production Team


Wrangling images in MIcrosoft WordOver the years, we’ve had to field a number of questions about page layout and word processing in Microsoft Word. Here are some more commonly asked questions and our tips for success:

Whenever I enter something that looks like a URL into Word, it always converts into an active link. How do I remove the link? “

On a Mac, right-click on the text, choose Hyperlink, Edit Hyperlink and then Remove Link. On a PC simply right click and select “Remove Hyperlink”

“Whenever I drop a GIF (or any image) into Word, the text scrolls around it. I want the text below the image. How do I do that?”

Double-click on the image to choose Layout, and select your desired wrapping style. In this case, it would be “In line with text” rather than “Square.” If you click the “Advanced” button, more options appear for controlling the amount of space between the image and the text, such as choosing the Top and Bottom spacing around the object.


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  1. Oh, this image tip is super helpful. Thanks for sharing the Further Reading links – i picked up a couple more tips. The Conform Fonts tip on the yahoo news link is valuable!

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