USB Flash Memory Prices Increase as Devastation in Japan Ripples Through Supply Chain

Among many far-reaching effects, the devastation in Japan has severely impacted the flash memory market. Japan is home to factories manufacturing key components used in USB flash drives; many have suffered damage to their facilities or are currently without power.

The current situation has created uncertainty surrounding future supply availability and pricing of USB drives. As a result, pricing for flash memory has jumped by as much as 50% within the past 24 hours according to a statement today from Leed’s, a major supplier of USB flash drives.

 “While it will take days (and possibly weeks) to assess the full extent of this disruption, it is clear that the situation is unlikely to return to normal anytime soon.,” says Dave Nicholson, President, Polyconcept North America in a statement today released to Leed’s Distributors.

ETMG will keep you posted on any further developments relating to the effects of the situation in Japan on marketing materials, tradeshows and giveaway items as news becomes available from our suppliers.

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