What’s new with print? Digital printing is big. No, really big.

By Michael Grodin – ETMG President and CEO


Digital Press Sheet Comparison - 2.3 times larger

Digital printing has been around for years. Over time it has improved so much, that to most, its quality is now indistinguishable from the high quality of offset printing.

Offset printing presses hold huge sheets of paper allowing us to print multiple 8.5 x 11″ pages on a single sheet of paper—thus reducing the print cost and improving the print speed for larger print runs. But sometimes you need a smaller print run and that’s where digital printing comes in.

While digital printing has always kicked offset’s butt over price for low volume jobs, in the past your digital print job was typically limited to a 13” x 19” press sheet. That meant, a digital press could print two-up 8.5” x 11” pages really well. For most projects that was sufficient, but for some, the smaller size was getting in the way.

Today, that’s all changed. Digital has finally gone big.

Now with the same pass of the press, you can print multiple-up on a 29.5″ sheet —faster and cheaper. You can print low volume posters that are too expensive to throw on to an offset press. This new larger digital press prints over 4,000 sheets per hour in glamorous 7-color beauty.

Next time you are headed for the offset press, think about a digital printing solution. And go big!



HP 1000 Indigo Digital Press Specs


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